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ownCloud is a sync tool similar to Dropbox that aims to fix the main problem with that popular online storage service: it offers a fast and simple way to manage all your online documents, while at the same time providing new security features.

The reason for this security boost is that ownCloud allows your company (or work group) to host the data center, allowing your own administrators to control the data flow that goes through it, and managing everything related to your information security.

Besides this advantage over Dropbox, ownCloud lets each network user sync as many local folders as needed, such that all the information in them is backed up automatically. You just have to open the user interface and select the folders, a process that takes just a couple seconds.

Just like Dropbox, ownCloud lets you manage everything from a web browser tab, where you can organize your folders, download your files, and even view them online.

ownCloud is a file sync and backup tool that can be specially useful for small and medium enterprises. It's not only versatile and practical, but also extremely secure.
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